The quality assurance department of Druosa Service Nig Limited was created to meet the requirement of our policy on exceeding the demands of our clients as regards work quality. Contained in our Quality Manual is our Quality plan describing the application of this quality system. This plan will list quality activities to be undertaken in order to maintain the quality of work and for the execution of the activities.

Our quality tools include the following:


  • Quality Policy, Quality Objectives and management commitment to Quality.
  • Definition of the application of the project quality plan in Druosa Services Nig Limited..
  • The procedure for updating by the organization of changes to the project quality

Detailed description of the company’s quality organization including an organogram, indicating names, titles, job description, reporting relationships of all individuals assigned to perform quality assurance and verification of the work particular attention shall be given to the description of the responsibilities and reporting relationship between Quality, personnel and the client.

A full time Quality Assurance Coordinator who reports directly to the Managing Director with the authority and responsibility to ensure that the quality requirements are implemented and maintained and liaisons with clients on quality matters.

Complete description of various quality activities to be executed at various states of the project such as:

  • A system for updating the Organization’s Quality Plan and / or procedures manuals to encompass controls necessary to manage the work.
  • System for preparation, checking and approval of documents / procedures.
  • System for contract review
  • System for application of unfamiliar standards and codes.
  • System for dealing with changes or revisions.
  • System for application of codes, standards and specification requirements.
  • System for control of interface activities and CO-ordination measures between various departments and offices during all phases of the work.
  • System to implement clear, effective and efficient information and documentation system.
  • System to qualify personnel and ensure the suitability of staff.
  • A list of procedures to be used indicating:
    A brief description of the application of the procedure.

Definition of the function of individuals responsible to ensure that the activities and documents are planned reviewed, executed, distributed and released in a systematic and controlled manner at the proper levels of authority.

Quality Assurance Coordinator shall establish a formal Audit Program. The Audit Program shall encompass a comprehensive schedule of internal covering of all parts of the work. This schedule shall contain at least one audit per month and shall describe the location for the audit. Each audit shall be subject to a follow up audit.

The Quality Assurance Coordinator shall ensure that immediate and adequate corrective actions are taken on any non-conformance identified during internal audits or external appraisal, audit and inspection activities to prevent similar occurrence.

The programmed is enforced by the Quality assurance Manager which is in
Compliance of Client’s Quality  control  and Assurance  Standards.
On or before the award of contracts, the QA manual is reviewed  by client  and amendments  and suggestion  implemented  as directed.

The contents  of a summary  of each section  of a QA manual  is enclosed  here with, showing  activities  covered  and controlled.
DRUOSA SERVICES NIG LTD   and  key  personnel    are  ready  to comply  to  established   manuals  where  basic  criteria,  additional  prescriptions   and additional    recommendations     are   also   needed   in  order   to   meet   quality   level requirement  for each activities.
Such  criteria,  prescription   and recommendations    are  reflected   by the  applicable procedure.
The following  quality  assurance  procedures  are therefore  contemplated

  • Procedures   for Detailed   Design.
  • Procedures   for Materials   Procurement   And Controls
  • Welding  Procedures   and Welder's   Qualifications.
  • Non -  Destructive   Testing  Procedures,   Specimen  Of NDT  Inspection   Report  Forms.
  • Grit Blasting  and Painting/Coating  Procedures.